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Rebel Spinner Radio, link, a new, sparkling music source, the most congenial I’ve ever tried. New and free—all you need is Internet. Reel Spinner is lovingly crafted by Travis Parkin, a music fanatic/gourmet/aficionada now based in New Mexico (thanks to my Albuquerque daughter, Meta, for my introduction.)

WINTER BLOOM theme: events that expose how the prevailing culture shapes us, as the soil and the climate feed the bulb in the frozen earth.

Travis ran away from his home in Albany, NY at 15 and found shelter with the African American family of Henry Johnson, his high school buddy. The Johnsons lived in the South End projects in Albany and were Pentecostal Christians—white folks called them holy rollers. The matriarch of the household insisted that “If your gonna live under Annie Mae Johnson’s roof, you gonna go to church on Sunday.” Travis went, fell in love with the lively music, joined the choir and learned to sing Gospel. While living with the Johnsons, he also discovered R & B, Soul and Jazz on the streets of their ‘hood. Read more on his blog, link

WINTER BLOOM theme: people and movements that flower after a long dormancy, springing up like a daffodil pushing its Kelly green stalks through the snow, announcing spring with its bright yellow banner.

These many years after Travis’ found refuge with the Johnsons, the musical obsession nourished in their Pentecostal church and its environs blossomed into Rebel Spinner Radio., link. Connect and enjoy.

Gracias a Diosa.

NYeve in jardin

New Year’s Eve in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico